The Green Eyed

by Daisy Chapman

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    Sweeping strings, beautiful vocals and heartwarming and sometimes comical lyrics.

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Vocals, piano, and sweeping strings embody the album The Green Eyed. The songs embody the notion of jealousy in all its guises - a vice few can avoid, and nobody craves.

Rolling Stone Magazine: Amazingly successful

Electric Ghost Magazine: A stunning blinder


released October 2, 2009

words and music: Daisy Chapman
produced by: Ali Chant, Toybox Studios



all rights reserved


Daisy Chapman Bristol, UK

Daisy has proved herself as a talented and shrewd songwriter in demand. Her powerful vocals have been used by the likes of John Parish, for his film work, and her piano style and versatility was noticed by UK prog rockers Crippled Black Phoenix touring every corner of Europe as well as a short trip to China. She now tours solo across Europe twice a year and is signed to a small German label. ... more

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Track Name: Madame Jeneva
In the late 1730s the decandent ladies
Fled to the west leaving the rest
In the flame scarred frown of East London town
Where the hookers and bookers reside.

From the embers rose the rookeries
Housing vice and debauchery
And the name of this fever
Was Madame Jeneva

Oh drunk for a penny, dead drunk for two
Clean straw for nothing come celebrate your suffering
Madame Jeneva, she will deceive ya
Slappy Bonita, she will defeat ya

Her juniper berries set many a ladies'
Hearts a flutter, but their souls in the gutter
Back streets of St Giles played host to the smiles
Of the hags with their gin soaked rags.

Ms Eastwick and Miss Dafur
Ransom offspring for liquor
Escape the horrors of Gin Lane
For the labrynth of Mother's Ruin.

William Hogarth sketched the aftermath
Ink to paper some years later
Marking the pity and stench of the city
That the well-to-do left in their wake.
Track Name: Stay With Me
It's just my whole world comes crashing down when I'm with you
Tie bells to your name like a trip wire to remind you
When a Brooklyn bar tender
And Sausalito bike vendor
Wink as they serve me
But they don't deserve me, oh no.

Well I'm constantly nervous
And it's clouding my vision
Regret this decision don't regret this decision
Flash a smile to validate my being here
Four letter word to celebrate my being here

Oh stay with me, regressing to my teens
Stay with me, tired of neon streets
Alive, alive so good they named it twice
So good.

Well I couldn't stay awake
In the city that never sleeps
Everything at stake, here on the concrete streets
my manner was indifferent
My attitude deliberate
Lazy perfectionist
Confident ventriloquist

Dethroned, uncrowned, expose the frown
This is change, pressure to deliver
Stiff upper lip while the other one quivers
Swaying skyline in my down-turned eyeline

Oh stay with me I really want you to.
Track Name: Oh Daddy
Daddy why's there water, why's there water on your hands?
Did you catch some fish today?

What you catch?
What you catch?
What you catch?
What you catch, oh,
You're still my number one
Whatever you've done.
I'm your adoring youth,
I'll take your word as the truth
Cos you taught me everything I know.

Oh Daddy why's there mud, why's there mud on your jeans?
Did you plant some seeds today?

What you sow?
What you sow?
What you sow?
What you sow, oh,
You're still my number one
Whatever you've done.
I'm your adoring youth,
I'll take your word as the truth
Cos you taught me everything I know.

Oh, Daddy why's there scrapes, why's there scrapes on your arms?
Did you fight something today?

What'd you fight?
What'd you fight?
What'd you fight?
Who'd you fight, oh,
You're still my number one
Whatever you've done.
I'm your adoring youth,
I'll take your word as the truth
Cos you taught me everything I know.

Daddy why's there dirt, why's there dirt beneath your nails?
Did you bury something today?

What you bury?
What you bury?
What you bury?
What you bury, oh,
You're still my number one
Whatever you've done.
I'm your adoring youth,
I'll take your word as the truth
Cos you taught me everything I know.

Oh Daddy why's there blood, why's there blood on your palms?
Did you hurt something today?

What'd you hurt?
What'd you hurt?
What'd you hurt?
Who'd you hurt, oh,
You're still my number one
Whatever you've done.
I'm your adoring youth,
I'll take your word as the truth
Cos you taught me everything I know.

Oh Daddy there are tears, there are tears in my eyes,
Cos I killed someone today.

And as I stand on the dock
He puts my hand on the book
And he makes me wait
As he decides my fate.
He asks one question though,
why did I kill my Daddy so....?

Cos... he taught me everything I know.
Track Name: The Piano
Spent some time alone researching wisdom
To perform your exorcism
Not to free the demons from this shattered heart
But to free the God who's promise fell apart.

The piano lies beneath your clothes
Instead of offering accompaniment for my prose
Rigamortis, cartoon smiles
Are all that I have now, for this song unsung.

Took a walk today, embrace the silence
But all that greeted me was the void of your presence
Rain clawing at my skin like a newly gravelled road
Unmasking the solitute of creative uninspired.
Track Name: Just Give Up, Jessica
Won't give no bribe for the sign above the doorway
Cos you know every child remembers a bad birthday
Too many people are terrified of change
What scares me more is the fear of staying the same
Just give up, Jessica.

Sing happy birthday to the child who was forgotten
Scream hallelujah for the gravestones in the garden
A happy hostage, black and blue, demands forgiveness
Unhappy fugitive removing her own witness
Just give up, Jessica.

So break the door down we'll be waiting you won't bruise us
Just break and enter cos you know you won't get through us
I'm staying put, a frozen waif, keeping vigil
Palms flat upon the stony flags here in the kitchen.
Just give up, Jessica.
Track Name: Marry Mary
My name is Mary
You live above me
A small divide of wood and plaster
Divides a life much better.

Your cleaner comes on Tuesdays
Your daughter visits somedays
From a previous relationship
Your girlfriend acts ok with it.

You leave for work around half past seven
The door slam rocks my Chinese lantern
Your girlfriend follows in her stilettos
Leaves tiny dents upon the lino.

Marry Mary.

A weekly ritual, 10am on Sundays
The Bad Seeds, Leonard Cohen and Happy Mondays
Filters down a soundtrack to your weekend
A happy respite from my lazy lie in.

You sing it with your West Country inflection
it appears we have the same record collection
I snuck upstairs last week while you were working
Through your corridors and your bedroom I was lurking.

I know you'd like my songs and my new CD
So I left an album resting on your TV
I'll sing it up to you, would it be criminal
A message through the floorboards, a subliminal

Marry Mary

Oh Mary stole the hearts of all the boys will she steal yours?

I know you'll start to notice me next week
When your daughter fails to show up for her swim meet
Will it take a while, will it take time
To work out that the stifled cries from downstairs
Are not mine.
Track Name: Does She Know What I Know?
Can't live with you
Can't live without you
Trying to take over me
This wretched dichotemy.

You say she's your cocaine
An instant lift that won't sustain
Does that make me your heroin?
Cos I'm still running through your veins.

Your ideas and your fears she acts delighted
Is she willing to experiment more than I did?
Femme fatale, au natrual wants you to show it
Reciprocate this twist of fate
Think I won't notice it?

Oh I will run for cover to escape the thoughts of you
I will run for cover, just to keep it out of view
I will run for cover cos I know that you will too.

So kind of you to thoughtfully
Act this out in front of me
With every graze across her thigh
Another piece of me dies

Oh God how it consumes me
Just how my you bruised me
Concealing of the feelings that kept the fire under me
That paralising glance stopped my heart every time
And now I have to watch you stopping hers instead of mine,
It's fine.

Do you remember you told me
Something I'll never forget
Does she know what I know?
Track Name: The Green Eyed
Your itching skin, a craving from within
A being posessed from eternal rest
Salve me, salve me a wretched cry, Kyrie.

Libera Me, Domine.

Emancipate, eject the hate
A vice few avoid, and nobody craves
Sick, sickly thrill, you protest
And it strengthens it still.

From the ashes to the soil
I will watch your soil recoil
Requiem, requiem from the green eyed.