Shameless Winter

by Daisy Chapman

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Written on the road, whilst touring “Shameless Winter” is an honest and beautiful account of life away from home following a dream. Whether it's a song recounting the bitter European winters whilst journeying alone, or a black comedic tale of an ill-fated voyage, the tunes that comprise Daisy Chapman's new album are perceptive and strikingly performed. Daisy's voice, her most powerful instrument, soars above classical piano to almost choral proportions, whilst the melodies are supported by dramatic fiddle and swelling cello. It’s hard to draw comparison from a single musical influence – whether it’s the honest and sometimes brutal story-telling of Nick Cave, or the entwining of melody and chords like Regina Spektor, Daisy certainly knows how to craft a song, and arrange the instrumentation so that the listener is constantly engaged. What is always evident, is that Daisy is a well travelled and experienced musician, and has come a long way from performing to three people at a dreary club in the Lower East Side of Manhattan when her musical journey really began.


released October 2, 2012

Vocals and piano: Daisy Chapman
Violin: Lizz Lipscombe
Cello: Charlotte Nicholls
Percussion: Tim Smith
Double Bass: Dan Brown
Trombone: Richard Cross
MAN vocals: Jay Head. Ali Chant



all rights reserved


Daisy Chapman Bristol, UK

Daisy has proved herself as a talented and shrewd songwriter in demand. Her powerful vocals have been used by the likes of John Parish, for his film work, and her piano style and versatility was noticed by UK prog rockers Crippled Black Phoenix touring every corner of Europe as well as a short trip to China. She now tours solo across Europe twice a year and is signed to a small German label. ... more

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Track Name: Shameless Winter
Do you remember those
Mirage summers?
Tousled hair and golden skin
Writing lyrics on the heath
And smoking Luckies
Didn't matter which month were in
Pokhara stories
And Indian glories
Lay ahead with an innocent charm
As I look back to those
luxury problems
I am glad that the summer has gone
Oh shameless winter
Do you remember the lady next door
Auburn hair and a gap toothed grin
She had a face that darkened when addressed
No matter what state she was in
She's speak of gloomy Sundays
And suicidal Mondays
And we wondered does the ice queen
Weep tears of snow?
Oh shameless winter
Winter show your smile
Winter stay a while
Do you remember when we
Stole a Christmas tree?
And snuck it through the hole in the fence
On Christmas Eve
Slowly but surely
We beautifully adorned it
And left it in the garden for her to see
As I travel through the winter
Singing songs for my supper
I look back to what we'd done
Sun lurked on the horizon
It's where I took your poison
Land of eternal dawn
As the last leaf clings to the tree
Exposing its naked bough
Siberian wind chills my paling skin
Hair not so tousled now.
Track Name: Better Me
Work as waitress
Pouring coffee, laying tables
It's the default role
For someone artsy with no credentials
It's not fine dining
But the most discerning of places
But the smears on the window
Distort the nicest of faces.
So if you recognise me
Then won't you liberate me
Come and say how much you love me
And I will use your contacts to better me.
Local news reporter
Comes to dine at our venue
So I slip him a flyer
As I hand him the menu
It was a shrewd idea
From my marketing knowledge
Born from average grades
A a mediocre college.
Mother, why'd you tell me
That my star shone bright today
It's all midnight black
And newspaper grey
Mother, won't you tell me
If I learnt my lesson well
Cos that path is littered
By the bones of those who tried and failed.
Track Name: The Gentleman in 13B
Moscow - London 6pm
Taxi runway west
She's facing forward, blinkers on
Clutching the armrest
The gentleman beside her reads
The inflight magazine
Picture perfect article on Burma
As concrete turns to cloud
And cloud turns into sky
She contemplates her new found karma.
With her decision made to give and never take
This gentle incline tips the balance of her fate
Take care, beware but don't relax too soon
Take care, beware cos God has other plans for you.

Through the window marking progress
Twisting ribbon vapour trail
As Moscow City sinks beneath her feet
Dissolving like a salted snail
The gentleman in 13B shifts anxiously
Crosses his chest and folds his arms
She takes some solace from his discomfort
And offers him a knowing glance.
Eastern block 20,000 feet
The cabin starts to shake
"Please take your seats and fasten your seatbelts
And stow your table trays"
The gentleman in 13B he turns to her
Ashen faced and praying to survive
The cabin gravity it shifts so suddenly
But she just turns to him and smiles, she says
With my decision made to give and never take
This changing incline tips the balance of my fate
Take care, beware, cos what will be will be
Cos now I see that God had other plans for me.
Track Name: Jealous Angels
Winter has pointed its finger
At the last to be splintered
It wipes out the garden
Generation hindered
She scrapes at my window
But I have
Jealous angels watching me
All the way home.
Without envy
Cool and carefree
He walks alongside me
And the crows in the belfry
Scatter far as we
Turn up the volume
Discussing our fortune
As Winter declares her victory
But inside's protected
And we're not affected
But February's constant hostility.
I'll stand my ground
Winter uncrowned
Time to discount
This battle ground.
And they'll fight their way
Through solid ground
It's a sweet surrender
April bound.
Track Name: Mrs Hart's Premonition
Daniel Buckley donned a shawl and a grin
Charles survived thanks to the whisky and gin
Edwardian splendour by Louis XV
Oh naivety.
20 sinkings in as many months
Birth of a dream yard number 401
Driving rivets, impairing hearing
Oh loss of life
Light the boiler boys!
Full speed ahead, full throttle
New life in the new world
"See you in New York!"
But 5,000 years ago an icicle broke free
A collision course
What use is opulence when shrouded by steel?
What use are diamonds when they're two miles beneath?
Mrs Hart had always said
Midnight stealth dead ahead.
Call the captain boys!
It's too late for salvation
If we stick together we've a fighting chance
Let Hartley and his men serenade me
Nearer My God To Thee.
Light the boiler boys!
Call the captain boys!
CQD boys!
Launch the lifeboats!
Row! Row!
You can't conquer nature
Call the Carpathia!
Track Name: The Life of Mary May
Mary was born in May
The heat of '76
And while she slept her mother wept
What stricken life is this?
Her father, blue collar
Exported the dollar
Each winter, the squallor
Protected from his daughter
Oh the life of Mary May
Mary had just turned three
When Daddy turned his back
And while she slept her mother wept
He's never to come back
She tucked Mary's hair behind her ear
A mother's touch divine
And the tears she cried they didn't dry
The year 1979.
Mary was seventeen
When she left the house for good
Her mother'd not recovered from
The damage from the flood
Lawyer bills, insurance claims
Left nothing there but debt
And the spring of '93
She put a pistol to her head.
Now she lives in the basement getting curious stares
From the man and the lady who are living upstairs
If she had a child she'd be seen as human
With help from the government and help for schooling
The impending fate of the welfare state
As she waits in line at the communion shrine
Locked in confession with a sinful priest 
Trying to make ends meet with her benefits ceased
And she sells her soul just to pay the rent
It's the shameless winter of her discontent
Oh Mary was thirty three
When flashing blue outside
A child surrendered days ago
A note lay by her side
Life is full of exits
And choices make or break
But all her splendour's wrapped up
In the bowels of one mistake.
Oh the life of Mary May.
Track Name: A Sinner Song
I've sinned down on my knees
And I know St Peter won't wait for me
The demons come at night
I get no peace by moonlight.
Oh, no matter how you pretend
Oh, death will get you in the end
Oh, there's nothing wrong
Oh, with a sinner's song.
I've witnessed others' fate
And gathered glory in their wake
I've twist and turned and tumbled
Stood idly by while your world crumbled
Praying to God to make me wiser
Won't keep me from the equaliser
Because I'm getting older
Keep one more devil on my shoulder
A sinner song.
Track Name: The Girl in Hannover
3am on a Sunday
Far from you I write
Hoping these letters will
Find you alright
Cos there's a girl in Hannover
Feigning confidence with a stranger
And I am just waiting for this
Day to come.
When I will darken your doorstep
And travel those miles
Cos you know one man's triumph
Is another man's trial.
Well the mornings are sunny
But the nights are so cold
But the seasons are changing
Or so I've been told
And there's a girl in Santa Cruz
Still fighting the blues
So I am just waiting for that
Day to come.

Where you will darken my doorstep
And travel those miles
Cos you know one man's triumph
Is another man's trial
All the while I will never

Well you said you would visit
See the city in the winter
But I still await
This fantasy visitor
Cos there's a girl in my nightdress
Pouring coffee for my temptress
So I have stopped waiting for that
Day to come
Cos there's a girl writing letters
Peeling pictures from her wall
Those jeering smiles now
Face down in cardboard
But if you close a window
Someone opens a door
So I am still waiting for that day to come.